Corpotate treasury

Under an offered scheme you will get an opportunity to combine a number of processes required for the organization and planning of the companies within your corporate group work, such as: cash management (cash flow management); to organize the structuring process while investing in the group of your companies, as well as to monitor current processes on an ongoing basis using specially created funds “for one investor”.

The advantages of the Corporate treasury:

  • centralization of all cash flows of the companies, participating in the scheme, within one fund;
  • regulation and planning of profitability of the company, which is an investment object, as well as all companies in the group;
  • possibility of legal accounting of funds after tax optimization in the general business-model of the investor and ability to consolidate reporting in accordance with international standards;
  • usage of the assets generated within the fund without paying income tax and VAT;
  • possibility to earn extra money with the help of market instruments in the short runs;
  • pre-planned strategy for the repatriation of the investments and tax consequences of such actions;
  • effective protection from the raider attacks and hostile takeovers by making the investments in the form of a guarantee facility investment;
  • possibility of a sale or pledge of the investment project at any stage of the investment process due to clear structuring of the investment process and availability of the securities, providing transparent ownership structure;
  • full support of the fund activity (including accounting) by the staff of our Group.

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